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3-4 pints of saline spat in the last 2 days, toilet bowl is yellow/brown from urine and won’t change colour when flushed.


Saline boils to the consistency of an egg.

NANOs appear to be glucose/sugar based (non-metallic) coating the outer-layer of physiology. Their purpose appears benign or for full biometric (Sherbet Dib-Dab).


Itchy, scratchy?

Itching: 0
Scratching: 0

IVY-rash, pimples, small spots?

Target: Saline: 0

Remaining-NANO-weight: 1kg (bag of sugar)

πŸ“ Diabetes
πŸ“ Insulin

“Right so, obviously. . .”

πŸ“ Mardekka

πŸ“ Carefall
πŸ“ MK Ultra
πŸ“ Lister
πŸ“ Statis-Stasis
πŸ“ Variable-MAX
πŸ“ Mardekka

E n e m y – A t t a c k – P r o f I l u s:

🎱 Mardekka’Ventriloquist πŸ’‰

Designate: Remainder1
Campaign-Month: 11
Experiment-Duration: 30 years, 11 months
Suit: 6%
Mardekka-Runtime: 24/7/365
Tracer-Overlay: 1948 => 1984
Splice-Interrupt: 1-2s
Spider-Robot-Cookie-Metadata: ON
DeepFaceβ„’: ON
DeepMindβ„’: ON
Suit-Voltage: 12V
Machine-Language: ON
Electrodes: ON
Poison-IVY: ON
Ionisation: ON
Battery: Lithium
Voltometry: ON
Conductive-Materials: Nickel, copper, dime
Ingredients: Mercury-Aluminum+Diaspora
Weight: 6kg


πŸ“ Albumin
πŸ“ Serum
πŸ“ Selenium
πŸ“ Saliva
πŸ“ Saline
πŸ“ Blood
πŸ“ Blood Sugar Level
πŸ“ Metabolism


πŸ“ NANO prefix
Electroshock Therapy
πŸ“ Ionisation
πŸ“ Nanorobotics
πŸ“ Molecular_Nanotechnology
πŸ“ DSM-5
πŸ“ Nanoengineering
πŸ“ Nanoelectronics
πŸ“ Nanomedicine
πŸ“ Outline of Nanotechnology
πŸ“ History of Nanotechnology
πŸ“ Quantum Computing


Bones: 0
Skeleton: 0
Organs: 0
Brain: 0


Muscle%: ?
Fat%: ?
Empathy: 0
Emotions: 0





Cruick: %
Birken: %
Crater: %
Marble: %
Pretzel: %
Mangle: %

Olgen: %
Crown: %
League: %
Summer: %
Lonsdale: %
Crisp: %
Tablet: %
Talbot: %
Candy: %

Additional notes:

Zap button is a “full-spectrum” GELS board with maximum negative statements, scripts, etc. (naturally expected).


Mind/Body transhumanist experiment utilising vaccine and artificial-intelligence, placed in extreme conditons (NAZI GERMANY-COMMUNISM) and extreme duress with all WORLD GOVERNMENT procedures, rules and regulations, programming and propaganda.

Government controlled PRISM-MATRIX application running through an auxiliary suit, put in placement by stealth upon birth, on a six scheduled vaccine program running from childhood to “puberty” and adolescence.

No awareness unless specified.

Rendered “subject” and put through a “curriculum” for 16 years (nursery through to high-school) with a free venture into the world of the JobCentrePlus (benefits/food stamps) to obtain work placements (jobs) or receive “higher” education.

In the system, you are forced to labour to obtain money to survive and all your provisions come at a cost. You have no real rights and you face homelessness or imprisonment should you fail to show up at your job.

In school, you attend for 6 to 7 hours in some cases (after-school) during childhood and the adolescence stage of high school. You are forced to do homework or face “punishment” or fail your exams which lower prospects for higher education or a decent work placement.

Do you want fries with that?

The vaccine is designed to offer even more control upon the system parameters and conditions stated above. It also utilises all disease (including cancer) as a study for the elite controllers on the “plantation“.

In the system (30km radius of Nazi Germany), there is very little entertainment, the TV’s are switched off to the proles/plebs(subjects) and you need money to enjoy even a simple coffee, soup and sandwich at 3x the cost under “austerity“.

This system plus “mark of the beast” was envisioned back in the 1700s with the vaccine program established by the 1800s (typhoid, measles, malaria, etc.).

It’s since been “improved upon” as a method for controlling slave populations and placing them under total dominance, enslavement and permanent surveillance.

Dissolve benefits.

The vaccine builds a “suit” inside the layer of physiology between what would be the organs of the subject(person).

This includes a tannoid system attached to a pacemaker with poison ivy, its own fat cells and musculature.

A dual-body/dual-mind complex.

The “artificial-intelligence” (Mardekka), “speaks” to the parts of the suit utilising combinations of psychological manipulatives and rearranges the “hierarchy of needs” in the subject (opting for porn over food, water, shelter, is one example – or a propensity for arguments, conflict and war).

It takes love out of the equation entirely and recalibrates the subjects mind to sex, love of money(?) and the seven sins, say – greed.

Or, they can calibrate the suit positively for themselves as an augment-chariot, but for slaves – they get the Buckfast setting.

The pain/pleasure pareto is in use with the aspect of gym-sessioning the mind and body to appease to torture, torment, anguish, suffering, etc. and seeing how durable the battery can last.

You can follow the grievous logic.

The pacemaker operates like a second heart and as you can imagine, beats similarly. Without knowledge of your own physiology, you could swear your heart was racing naturally after a jog, run or long walk. Perhaps, even a scare.

Coupled to this, is an A.I. with mapped out nodes on a network that understands behavioural and operand conditioning programmed by the Asunder’Merit DUX-Noble Peace Prize medalists such as Einstein, Maximo Park, Dawkins, etc.

All calculus as well as centuries worth of studies into the depraved depths of psychology, mind-control (Tavistock Institute, Monroe Institute, etc.).

This “program” (MATRIX) runs 24 hours a day through the subject “co-ercing” all thought and behaviour on attempt by impede-imposition.

The general gist.

This machine is a learning computer and adapts to situations offering complexity, all erroneous of course upon awareness that “Archie is having a magic show”.

Trillions of statements have been utilised from simple “cat got your tongue”, “BOO!” and various libraries of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The idea being, to trip out all neurons – or, bug out the subject to death via a prolonged period of torture akin to living in a Leverndale.

I liken it to a VENOMOUS KING COBRA that needs tamed, however, it doesn’t deviate from its program.

“Do what thou wilt.”

Master/Slave relationship until further notice.


This is all done with “wireless” technology, so essentially, in 1984 transhumanist Utopia – you are a walking talking modem, “a slave, Neo” – born into bondage and handed a birth certificate, National Insurance ID and a career path towards retirement and eventual brutal death on a short stint of cancer and a trove of pornography.

Maybe, it tells you to go get a pint of milk.

The voices in your head are GOD…?

A “carrier-signal”.

Running beneath the surface of the immediate-statements coming off the computer A.I. in real-time is the paraliminal/subliminal bank of thoughts already proceeded as well as past, present, future tense and credence logic of nonreality, unreality, and untruth (outright lies, filth, prolific propaganda, absurdity, degeneracy, lunacy, mental-illness, instability, suggestions, interruptions, coercions, dictates, demands, gossip and alike).

Some rebarb.

Purely governmental knowledge.

This is also frequency-based under the radar warfare (psy-ops for ninjas).

Stealth is the key.

Operating within these parameters is the biometric aspect utilised by the X/Y positioning of small nanotechnologies that map the “faceprint” and audio biometric coming through the tannoid.

Also known as “Phantasm/Realm” which is a mindspace created by the machine which you animate in your inner-world.

Expect a call.

A working knowledge of memory here gets you the calculus of the aims to achievement of what they desire here.

Pray at the altar.

Time Gentlemen, please.

So you light up and enjoy a smoke as you spit saline (denotes: nature). Or perhaps, you enjoy porn before, during and after sleep. Maybe your family are shouting and bawling trying to kill you. Maybe, you enjoy heartburn, perhaps – to choke on your meal.

Maybe you like a sleep after a long walk.

“There’s a wee slash for your troubles”, enjoy your I.B.S. after a well deserved smoke and a total-car crash of a cruick.

You tell it to go fuck itself and meet me back here in the morning.

Chalkboard mind-control for Dummies!

Black-Box Mardekka is entirely weaponised, sophisticated wicked nature and evil as you would expect in every single diameter imaginable.


What a mesh.

Stress: 100%
Duress: 100%
Aggression: 100%
Instigation: 100%
Intimidation: 100%
Paranoid: 100%

Data Analysis
Artificial Neural Network
Artificially Intelligent
Machine Learning
Carl Jung
Analytical Psychology (Jungian Archetypes