Enemy-Attack-Profilus: U.S. Government

*Continually updated

Belleview to Leverndale.

Recent developments:

Currently wearing the US-VACCINE from DISC-2 on DISC-1.

The United States government is responsible for a slew of global wars and weaponising almost anything it can gets its hands on.

The vaccine is turning out to be a “dematerialisation” bioweapon that renders a subject docilate and zombified eventually leading to mummification (see: Formaldahyde).

The term “ATOMIC WARFARE” takes a different slant today as I am just off a fresh script with the following parameters.

> 36 hours insomnia
> Copious smoke

During which time, a script was dialled-in similar to “SIX-SCRIPTS” from the United States government which involves. . .

> A complete detachment of personality
> Paranoia-MAX
> Voice detachment
> Schizophrenic thoughts and thoughts of worthlessness (suicidal-depression)
> Tiredness, forced to bed, “whitey” feeling, feeling completely detached outwith your X/Y

I liken it to the “Leverndale Jumproom” situation that involves any time you light up a joint and talk of the government you receive this script in treatment.

Trouble is, it did this with tobacco last night.

That is a ‘personalised’ script designed for “Conspiracy Theorists” or terrorists to the United States government and it overtly displays their psych-warfare profile in review.

Senator Bernie Sanders is responsible for that script.

The vaccines operate in a NANO world and outlook which means the ‘atomic’ warfare described is actually on the particle level of Creation itself up to maxibon.

Good orientation.

In the United States after World War II, all citizens are on the vaccine for the first “Blade Runner” trials – no one is off vaccine except the elite, so they’ve garnered more than 7 decades worth of public study.

The vaccines were supposed to dematerialise the subject (mummification and eventual death from Cancer).

The general public of America (read: all the population) is under ambient spa treatment from the Mardekka and the Elite are fully aware of their actions.

The public are never informed and keep attending the hospital and work.

This also tests out the caste system on disc two with crony Capitalism when in actual fact it’s American wealth making Communism look good.

It’s dressed up, Bernie Sanders style with American wealth.

There is no “middle-class” under a government, all vaccine subjects are serfs with different levels of fiat wealth accumulations.

The government knows this, of course.

An “Ambient Dictatorship” from a pendrive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi?

They didn’t even know it was there – only Conspiracy Theorists report on this.

Have a Cigar, D.

Treatment the next day feels like the Men in Black gun on the suit.

Carry on regardless?

Have a nice day, bootlicker.

Speaking of which. . .

Sleep after treatment, involves the U.S. government dialing all buttons in on you for a marble/crater. There is no reason after being up for 2 days for you to wake up feeling surfaced off a crater unless it’s doing things during sleep (full-ZAP, pacemaker).

It also reversis yesterdays events, so you can imagine the thoughts of the general public who are being mirrir’d in mind believing it’s themselves.


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