Andy Richardson III
Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante)

Andy Richardson III
Neil Keenan




Name: Andrew Richardson
Months-Unemployed: 12

320 years (or qq) of enslavement and heist of the planets wealth finds itself on Venus’Island with the perpretators (The Knights Templar/Illuminati).

In the 20th century after the Great Depression, the global elite have ran a business “Concentration Camp” on tungsten materials and fiat currency operands (nickel, dime, copper, tungsten, paper, digital) with no tangible wealth for the lower-class (proles).

The middle-class are caught up in credit and the baby-boomers who struck it lucky and made it big invested in tangible-assets and currency baskets.

The only real tangible wealth in Trabacula for 73 years has been:

> Precious metals
> RAW materials
> Currencies
> Seeds
> Foods
> Barter and Trade

Like the old days, but with a financial-system running the fiat-overlay on a faux economy for slaves and a “black market” off the books economy for the high-rollers and heavy elite.

Digital curerncies have been in operation from the 1980s commercially on the globalist markets of DISC-II (Bitcoin) with the move to Chip N’ Pin (Cashless-Society-Control-Grid) by the millennium and finalising all transactions onto the Mardekka credit system by 2018.

No slave was to make it through and their assets have been stripletted and turned to rubble – all tangible assets sit on Venus’Island as this was the plan to begin with.

The ‘waste’ products and materials of the 20th century go into recycling.

If they’re dealing in fiat-tungsten amounts of pounds, dollars and euros – no actual penny is spent on the “general public”!

A vaccine-currency for consumerism.


> Precious Metals
> RAW materials
> Crop conscription
> Encarta:Britannica(ENCYCLOPEDIA)
> Seed vaults
> Spore sets
> Space technology
> Weapons technology


Total-Hours-Worked(est.): 2,433
Savings: 0
Investments: 0
Possessions: 0
Prospects: 0


Runtime: 320qq
Economic-Activity: 0
Fiat-Currency: OFF
Currency: Fiat-Tungsten
Black-Market: YES
Slave-Goods: YES
Piracy: YES
Theft: YES
Slave-Labour: YES
Child-Labour: YES
Salary: Meagre-Paltry
Austerity: 3*
Marketing: YES
Advertising: YES
Provisions(SLAVE): YES

Made in Chucky. 3 bags full sir.

Jeff Berwick
Andy Richardson III

Financial Tyranny – David Wilcock

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