[ A L E R T ]


Agenda 21 [United Nations]
ECOSCIENCE by John P. Holdren
H+ Transhumanist Magazine

t+ h+ vaccine

G E N E V A . J E N O V A

12 months of “target specific” Mardekka on vaccine 6 administered in 2001.

The first vaccines contents from the 1800s simply contained a “BIOBLOB” of Typhoid, Measles, Dysentry, and ultimately CANCER which would take your ‘health’ down to 1/2+(50%) by render on materialus that took a further six weeks to regenerate.

Some of the effects included:

> Hair loss
> Weight gain
> Loss of appetite
> Skin pallor (gaunt complexion)
> Extreme tiredness and fatigue (muscle-soreness)
> Sickness
> Diahreaa

A biological weapon to begin with.

As time went on, the Elite (on VACCINE-MAX) have created not only the maximum Cancer attack disease in the weapon, but added a “Terminator” suit to the mix over a 6 vaccine schedule which did not exist until after World War II.

On blueprint.

The second vaccine contains:

> Aluminum
> Copper
> Nickel
> Dime
> Lithium
> Metyhlmercury
> Tannoid
> Pacemaker
> NANObots

Over a six-schedule period between the ages of 0-13.

This builds an overlay suit on the “subjects” body after 200 years vaccine development.

Some symptoms include:

> Loss of appetite
> Depression
> Massive anxiety
> Excessive sweating
> Urinary Incontence
> Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S)
> Weight loss
> Muscle loss
> Gray hair
> Continual flu
> Continual nightmares
> Headaches/Migraines
> Feelings of worthlessness
> Excessive sexual horniness

The suit is then “Wi-Fi” to an A.I. computer which “controls” all creatures on the Earth who have been registered at birth by vaccine and birth-certificate into the system.

The suit “builds” itself on program from the Mardekka on the X/Y exoskeleton (BIOMETRIC) and assembles over time creating “Lesh” lines across the surface behind the skin and building/positioning itself in alignments.

The tannoid runs ambiently on ionisation for the duration of your life providing NLP(Neuro-Linguistic-Programming(Machine-Programming-Language) that cause all disease known in the body alongside the Cancer.

The suit operates at 10 VOLTS the entire time this is happening (a Duracell battery) and also uses programming from the Monroe Institute to influence dreams on a 0hz HEMI-SYNC.

Hemi-Sync: 0hz (SINE)
Volts: 10
Suit-Duration: 30 years, 11 months
Pacemaker: 40-300bpm

Vaccine-Expiry-Date[DISC-I]: 2000
Vaccine-Expiry-Date[DISC-I]: 2018

(continually under ambient subversion and electroshock therapy with diverted thoughts, body functions and rewired reproductive system)




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