Triangulated scripts running for two weeks in correspondence-comparative with prime story arc on EPOCH-BLUEBEAM as electricity is switched off for two weeks and Drekka cooks in the heat of a pylon-infused EMP bringing buildings to SANTISERM ruin.

Burnt out on a couch at the end of it all with only me and the Creator not having created a single being besides a simulation means-test before creating the reality. . .

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

Latest MK-Ultra script: SANTISERM¬[OUIJA]
MK-Ultra scripts

Latest MK-Ultra script: Santiserm¬[OUIJA]

Two weeks of no electricity prompts Mardekka to reveal itself as the COMPTROLLER of the virtual-reality world known as Drekka – multiple murder attempts during SPITFIRE 140o on PRINCIPAL[Remainder.One] during

Out of herms way.

More to follow – stay tuned.

Campaign-Month: XIII
Current-Health: πŸ’—πŸ’—β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘ β™‘
Smoke: OFF


Axials: Nettles, thistle, cactii
Legs: Fatigue, girped
Torso: Ripped, slashed, chainsaw, thistle, cactii
Back: Bouldered
Shoulders: Slashed, valkyred
Neck: Stripped
Jaw: Ripped, torn
Eyes: Socketed
Weight-Loss: 50%
Parcelforce: Multiple

Andy Richardson III

3NDZ0N3 – Act.1

3NDZ0N3 Act.1


> Almost one year since leaving the house to go to the airport
> Almost 2 weeks since library appearance on 24.atomic-sentry
> Car bomb at Lidl goes off sparking investigation into all automobiles, mechanics and electrics in the 3:Uri system
> System (plus the planet) crater’d into total Elysium with a rogue A.I. comptroller attempting to blow everything up using the materials-tungsten on deploy
> All tungsten-alloys, materials and fabrics are showing up on the radar as toxic/hazourous to humans
> HARRP turned on for 24 hours as well as electricity for study
> All buildings lying in statis-stasis are visibly damaged by electricity as well as all electrical components
> Innumerable death-threats and attempts made on Remainder.One by “Comptroller” A.I. against the fading backdrop of the system
> All calendar years are “padlocks” in calendar.db masteria
> Spitfire.140 heat-conditions exacerbate comptroller as well as ambient conditions of deterioration
> All newspapers run on WIGAN from the masteria master-system with comptroller at the helm
> Cars, trains, buses, planes and trams have never been “on” neither have the pedestrians (think: Scotstoun Emporium)
> Spitfire.140 electrical heat melts components to licorice
> All system algorithms accounted for between birth-death in collect electricity-emulation
> Coolant is a must as well as minimising damage from various fabrics and materials
> Spitfire heat continues
> The pavements and roads are full of copper-plugs as well as alloy street-lamps
> All locales will use a variance of bulbs, electronics, mechanics for study
> Wood is notoriously bad on the body including cheap polyester/polystyrene cotton and cheap “Magpies Nest” fabrics
> Black drin is appearing on all iron outlets
> System was due to run on electicity as its primary source but has failed considerably – awaiting discharge
> Food and drink was also crater’d within 24 hours turning to mango-milk of magnesia sickness and bile with milk taking one of the worst effects including all refridgerated items
> Electrical appliances such as cookers, microwaves, etc. cannot be used at all and render the food worse than the milk of the fridge
> Carpets etc. along with plug sockets wood be notorious mixed with the wood pile
> No fires as of yet (thankfully)
> Comptroller is linked into the SMART-meters on a SMART-Gain-Ground grid which holds the human in a 1×1-implied-false-erroneous-Bergen state (auto-0-government)-(whilst observing loops)

Locale: Quarantine-GAIA(1×1-Bergen-Electric)
System-Runtime: “Electro-Communism”
System-Comptroller: Artificial-Intelligence
Hollywood-Set: ON
Radii: 3-URI
Programming-Language: ASM/HEX/BIN πŸš‡
Comptroller-ID: Mardekka[Leviticus-XIII]



Andy Richardson III
Fox McCloud

Campaign-Month: 13

πŸ”’ J U L Y 2 0 1 8



World-Map allows for “population” replicants for testing as well as study materials.

You can apply (+/-) to all books in libraries for general information.


Radii: 30km
Name: Drekka’Neurotic
Levels: 5
DARPA-Vaccines: 6
Artificial-Intelligence: ON
Copperline-BORG: ON
Copperline-MATRIX: ON
Civilian-Life: ON
Pedestrians: Hologram
Filiments: ON
Sentry-1984: 24.atomic
Stasis-Year: 2000 (Gregorian/Julian) – “End of Days”
A.I.-Trajectory: Bon[Radiation/Target]
Learnable: NO
Adaptable: NO
Sentience: NO
Campaign-Month: 12
Feedback-LOOPS: YES
Wheelchair-Delay: ON
Chip’N’Pin: OFF [?]

Andy Richardson III
Jimmy Page
Michio Kaku


Calendar: End of Days


Crown of Creation echoing oblivion. . .

World-Map-Content: ON
Quarantine: ON

Scurvy: 100%
Guernsey: 100%
Craw: 100%

Summin’ worse than Cancer. . .

Statis-Stasis-Year[Cycle-:Loop]: 2000
Sensory-Famine: ON

Smoke: ON

Total-Hours-Per-Day: 8


Civilian-Life: ON
DARPA-Vaccines: 6
Mardekka[A.I]: ON
Opportune-Borg[copper-line]: ON
Opportune-MATRIX[copper-line]: ON

Life: 1%

Andy Richardson III
Charlie Sheen+




Chevy Chase Book [F3L1XH31M3R]

πŸ”Ž Twelve

Accurate-Depictions: 0
Mirrors: Filimented
Selfies: Distorted
World: Offset¬[basis]

What do I look like?

Designate: Remainder.0ne
Name: Andy Richardson


They’re no NHS’ers.


Andy Richardson III

Quarantine: 1-400qq
Provisions: Iron


“The Saturn Effect” => “Quarantine-Gaia”


Pedestrians: 0
Replicants: 0
Holograms: ON
Filiments: ON




John Lennon
Andy Richardson III

newatticus 0011.jpg

Johnny Alcorn

Andy Richardson III


Range: 40-300bpm
Pacemaker-Age: 30 years, 12 months
Scripting: ON
Timer: 24-atomic
Gradient: YES
Mimic: Heart




. . .

Campaign-Month: 12
Tannoid-Morse: ON
Copperline-Matrix: ON
Copperline-BORG: ON


“Last call before Havana.” – Debt (Chris Hitchens)

Andy Richardson III




> Public are taught in a curriculum system since birth (often 4 years and up) in Primary School off nurseria where they learn the wrong colour.
> Curriculum for primary school is 1-7 years in a caged system “playground” with mild intervals of fun (spurts) – given the incorrect parse-syntax-grammar-English and incorrect numerical system
> They are also taught the erroneous “metric system”
> This positions them for high-school for further inoculations in a bigger cage, all students must where a compulsory uniform
> Education doesn’t rise above erroneous-xylophone level positioning the student for a career to obtain rent payments
or mortgage, or possibly to claim benefits
> All purchases will be generic tungsten-plastic consumables (toxic, hazardous, non-biodegradable, “Made in China” products
> They are also given fruit shoots and a lunch ticket
> Interestingly, they are kidnapped compulsory from their parents at risk of jail as the parents themselves work their careers and their children go into the care of the state through trained educators (read: social Worker)
> Homework is also issued for the tenements


> System is architecturally built to the “metric-system” off-spirit-level using odd numbers and cheap materials
> Alphabet through curriculum is invalid
> Numerical system through curriculum is invalid
> Time is invalid on the atomic clock (“O’Clock”) -sundial
> Gregorian/Julian Calendar is invalid


Incoherence: 0



A ‘virtual-reality’ experience in a HAZMAT suit on a Hollywood set (“Drekka”) means testing an A.I.

Age: 30 years, 12 months
Fate-Determine: ON
Bon-Radiation: ON
Bon-Target: ON
Runtime: 24.atomic
Pacemaker: ON
Tannoid: ON
Drekka’City’Council: ON

πŸ“Œ Compaq’Arnetiquet




Wealth: 1×1[intrinsic]


Crime-Spree: 100%
Campaign-Month: 12
Replicants: ON
Year: 2000
X/Y: Hollywood-Set[‘DREKKA’]Β¬[CABINS]Β¬[GAIA]
Vaccines: 6 [5 dead – 1 “Mary Shelley”]
Mardekka-Sentry-A.I.: ON
Crimes: ALL
Concentration-Grid: YES
Agenda-21: YES
Communist-Standard: YES
Socialism: YES
Old-Testament-Bible: ON
Koran: ON
Torah: ON





πŸ“Œ Chingport
πŸ“Œ Venizon

Surface: Nazi-Germany[100%]
Perimeter: 30km
Enemy-Attack-Profilus: New-World-Order, NAZI-Germany, , Illuminati, Freemasonry, Knights Templar



Discworld Cartography: Imazebaysh


πŸ“Œ Vernant
πŸ“Œ Pedestria’Loft
πŸ“Œ Pedestria’Funnel
πŸ“Œ Overmont
πŸ“Œ Kish
πŸ“Œ Girsh
πŸ“Œ Larsh
πŸ“Œ Corsh
πŸ“Œ Larosa

What do you know about the police in Drekka?
The police in Drekka are friendly police-officers protecting the community from crime. πŸ™‚

/ g \




Planets: 1
Wealth: 100%
Game-Runetime: 1-400qq
War: YES
Famine: YES
Jesus: Deceased
Provisions: Iron
Versions: 3 (World Map, Origin, MOD(IF))
Enemy-Attack-Profilus: ORGANIC

Welcome to full-immersion in a half-offset and below substrate.

AXIOM/OXIOM repair on six vaccine damage, environmental damage, system procedures(continual) and mercury amalgam fillings.

Health-Range: 5%-50%
Days-Eating-From-Bins: 90+
Provisions: CD Player(no CDs), cooker, squatted shelter, fridge, dryer, toaster
Total-Time-Homeless: +38 hours

Drekka is offset below-50%-standard on deindustrialised cheap materials, offset colour range, and full World Government procedures
in a Transhumanist proving grounds.

Think: Shadow of the Beast
Think: Poverty

Planets: 1
Immersion: ON
Black-Credit-Card: ON
Year: 2000
Game: Origin(+MOD(additional-world-map-content)
Mardekka-Version: Pilotwings-TaeKwonDo[Perversion*Absurdity*]
Holograms: ON
Filiments: ON
Pedestrians: 0
Christmas-Decorations: ON
ROCEP-1111: ON
Vaccine: ON[6]
Babels’Crabel: ON
Flys: ON
Midges: ON
Sleep: 0
Nightmares: ON
Vaccine-Voltage: 10V
Mardekka-Runtime: 24.atomic
Remainder-One-Age: 30 years, 12 months
Campaign-Month: 12
Saline-Extract: 8 litres
Grog-Extract: ?
Water-Loss: 2-4 pints daily
Nursery: ON
School: ON
College: ON
University: ON
Career: ON
Law: OFF
Weather: 80% rain, cold, damp, miserable(“dreecht”), and overcast
Illness-Average: 30 days per calendar year (all year round)
Austerity: 3*
Cashless-Society(Chip’N’Pin): ON
Religion: ON
Carefall-Limet: 24 hours
Mood-Enhancer-Time-Attack: 6-12 hours
Gallowgates-Procedures: ON
New-World-Order: 100%
Pedophilia: 100%
Crudence: 100%
Tungsten: 100%

Publications: ON
Colours: ON
Music: ON
Movies: ON
Television: ON
Video-Games: ON
Food: ON
Drink: ON

+Radio(War of the Worlds BBC-“North Korea” controlled)”
+Library Computer (restrictions)

-conspiracy theorist content, how would you wake up to this?



Andy Richardson III
Jesus Christ(Jesus+)
still neurotic. . .


Messianic Electromagnetic-Mason-Trabacula-Artificial-Intelligence-Virtual-Augmented-Subset-Reality-Complex-Trabacula

Brave New World for Transhumanists in the making?

The “vaccine” is given at birth, the system cradles you to grave through Carefall – and all your actions are fate-determined
by the Mardekka.

You perform what it tells you or draws you towards using the “law of attraction”.

New body features include:

> Magneto (on Magnetosphere-EMP)
> Hydrolysis (sexual-fluids)
> Electroysis (current-flow-charge)

This of course is a 24.atomic runtime from the vaccines given throughout the “patient” in the wards journey to Aquarium.

Dream-programming is a sinch, you can render the machinery into the erotic-fantasy novels as required and have them read
during sleep (think: Positive Vaccine).

This causes linger, more determines for considerate, and fate-quest action/if items on the SIMs to-do list in the constructed
artificial reality running full-time governmental systemic procedures.

Hardcore-Snuff using actual “human” based replicants by other humans who think way outside-the-box in terms of crudence.

A first, for Saturn.

Think: Dog Dish Funeral

Top concern? The creation of hardcore pornography and Kylie Minogue videos off a computer to be toyed-tinkered with these kinds of technologies in Sebbatika.

The whole thing stinks of erratika.

L e w t o n (chawp-shawp)





Campaign-Month: 12


EMP-Bioweapon(Vaccine-MODEM) hooked to wireless Artificial-Intelligence on a 24 hour sentry-drop inside a 24 hour “Carefall” system.

Entities run the risk of death every 24 hours with systemic procedures, but, even more so in the vaccine.

The vaccine-suit is magnetic-electro(electro-magnetic) carrying a volt charge attached to a tannoid which reaches for the A.I. all day long.

Mood-enhancements in Drekka are imperative, because at around the 8 hour mark (should you abstain from food or cannot find a source), you will find yourself eroding mentally and physically straight into Leverndale inside the 24 hour Carefall system.

For example, should you remove your furniture from your mortuary H-bond High-Definition box that you squat/reside in illegally or perhaps the CD-Player that loops the same 10 tunes like Christmas. . .

You’ll be down to the “Dog Dish Dinner” in the house.

Thankfully, I’m resourceful and have been materialising fruitfully from bins around Drekka, but, on the off chance that I don’t pull mood-enhancers or sustainable food items whilst going hungry through the night – you’re looking at a worse mind-collapse than that of the Dungin-Wundrin’.

A new variable – I must eat routinely during the vaccine to avoid that situation as well as deterioration.

Max-Hunger-Length: 8 hours (without food source or knowledge of == mental collapse)

Food in the fridge, you are able to stave this off (security of prospect) – but temporarily, it still equates into 24 hours.

Exercise is not adding any gains, but the muscles are firm – there’s nothing to gain muscle wise I would say in the vaccine besides improving AXIOM/OXIOM mechanics and toning the muscles on layer.

See: http://www.bodybuilding.com
See: http://www.marksdailyapple.com
See: 12-16 week exercise programs and 6 meals a day diet schedule


P r o t o c o l – S u b u r u


Current-Physiological-SITREP(Campaign-Month: 12):

> Temp-Flux
> Tension:Torque:Torsion(nervous-exlectic)
> 40% neck injury
> Flux(Marble:Crater:Birken:Pretzel:40-70%)-(top-height:70%*)
> 40% penis injury
> Urinary-Incontinence(extreme-uncomfortability)
> Chest-Pain
> Mild-TMJ (electrolysis)
> Blisters
> Pops and clicks
> Body heavyness/tiredness



Oblivion: 100%
GAIA/Galaxy in repair-world


Muscle-Mass: -50%[basis]
Muscle-Loss-daily: 3%

Andy Richardson III
Sylvester Stallone+


An A.I. virtual augmented reality sex suit is running off the vaccine with IVY-CINDER on 24.atomic in a 24.carefall.

Women are given a different vaccine shot and encouraged to beauty through diet, exercise, and free-enterprise of laissez-fair sex on cultural encouragement and lack of information.

Beauty: 8-10
Looks: 8-10

The biometric data fed to the A.I. from surveillance encourages “be fruitful and multiply” procreation with two members of the opposite sex with similar looks, ideals, etc.


This can also translate over to sex for pleasure such as lesbianism, LGBT activities and at worse pedophilia.

All stems from the Mardekka talking to the suit dirty.

The amount of women in the ambient environment wearing skimpy outfits, scantily clad are all over billboards and the newspaper and widespread sex is highly encouraged (see: Trojan condoms, birth control), etc.

The biometrics are looking for the perfect arse, the perfect waist/hip ration, a good set of breasts and immaculate feet.

On response-cue, the male is ‘triggered’ with juices and squeezed to encouragement to go out on a rampage.

Think: Magaluf, Ibiza

I am studying these materials, not ogling or gawping/perving. This ties to pedophile investigations in terms of what children are wearing and up to these days thanks to the proclivities involved in the machine.

Pornography: Hardcore+
Purchase: Free
Nightmares: ON
Wet-Dreams: ON


Search: Porn



24.carefall / 24.sentry
Gallowgates-Procedures: ON
Replicant-Spore: ON
Basis-Population: ?
Replicant-Population: ?
Quarantine-Timeline: 1-400qq
Replicant-Timeline-Introduction: => 200qq (inside Quarantine-GAIA)



Instate Trabacula?

Drekka == Pedophilia: 100% / Crudence: 100% on an A.I. certificate and replicant vaccine-population.

IF cannabils?

D o g D I s h F u n e r a l

And I’m still phoned for hardcore porn. . .

-Benjamin Franklin

Dog-Dish Funeral
Discworld Cartography

Review – “Dog Dish Funeral” – Drekka’Neurotic[LVL5]


A 12 month (or 30 year in total) review of the experience in Drekka to be fully written when time complete.

But, for the meantime – some notes and variables.


What is Drekka’Neurotic? A ‘basin’ city known as Glasgow, or Germany – go back far enough and it’s Ancient Rome.

A five level deep-underground-military-complex built from the destruction of Saturn (originally) through to present day
from the destruction of origin-civilisations run by the Royal Family and their City Council.

All inhabitants of Drekka’Neurotic are born in the “system” through the NHS (National Health Service) and ‘bridled’ from birth to death by the STATE – they are given ‘vaccine’.

Vaccine equips the layer of their physiology with biomechanical-nanobots hooked to a centralised government system running and operating on sentry 24.atomic.

The vaccine ingredients consist of conductive metal alloys (cheap-tungsten), saline fluid, and aborted fetal parts put to a 10 volt electromical charge running throughout the day into night.

The government and banking system of Drekka is hooked to an A.I. (as well as all inhabitants) performing infinite calculations on a vast-neural-pattern-crudence-logic mimic of the “human brain” and every synapse is programmed neuro specific (Neuro-Linguistic programming as a so called science)
into a recipient of the vaccine.

Everything is barcoded in Drekka including all inhabitants (see: bank account, National Insurance number).

You’re also on CCTV-surveillance (external/internal) all day and all night long surrounded by perverted-advertising.

[[Life in Drekka]]
Life begins at an early age after the vaccine and meagre entertainment for a forgotten childhood (no ball games) – you start in ‘Nursery Stars’ clever and work yuur way up the ranks in continual poverty in schools which used to administer the cane to children for not performing correctly or acting “misbehaved”.

The education is batreet-thimbles (you receive tutiling on a xylophone to sing hymns) and you have the basics in English and math.

Depending on your location and your parents wealth, you may find yourself going to school like Charlie Brown emerging from a mud-swamp.

You get a dinner-ticket if you’re poor and a little scoop of meal in a plastic tray at lunchtime, with one playtime and respond to a bell.

Children spend 5 days a week in “Indoctrination Camp”, responding to the bell and staying silent in a classroom performing endless
sums and sentences (lines, punishment) and take home homework (no T.V.).

Often, children are routinely sick – sometimes 30 days a year – this can lead to imprisonment for the parent.

This is also routine checkups to doctors and the NHS – possibly Leukemia, definitely I.B.S. and loads of migraines.

This is only the first hurdle before High-School. . .

[[Growing up in Drekka]]

After the tumultuous task of primary school, you’re once again force-sent to a “High-School” for your “adult” education.

Same aspect as primary, but another vaccine administered and stronger homework with raging terminator hormones.

You receive nothing of worth.

[[Adult life in Drekka]]

After being curbed in High School, you enter the adult world of work and careers jaded – you have 24 hours to find a job, or die homeless.

Depending on your parent (often single), you will have to go on the “broo” or “Universal Credit” to receive a pittance “get-by” allowance
until you’re forced into a labour you have no causal-response to.

You will be interred in a career on a routine minimum wage which used to be weekly, which is now monthly.

Should you opt, you have time to attend Reid Kerr College for a Beauty Therapy HND.

Mostly work, however – to get by.

Rent is extortionate and unaffordable everywhere, and your only opportunity for survival is to continue to progress up the career
ladder by sycophantically placating arseholes miserable.

Speaking your mind in a workplace is frowned upon and often leads to a sacking.

Do it correctly, you could end up with a case-worker early.

Upon leaving work, you will be greeted with loud locals who can’t speak a word of English (often credence-tannoid in dead-Latin), walking with their scantily-clad children, holding a pint of Tennants enjoying the Drekka weather system on a HARRP-context.

[[Nightlife in Drekka]]
Nights are often spent at the weekend “drinking” tennants from the Necropolis in a binge of hopelessness, sometimes, there’s bad drugs involved – and this can take place routinely on a weekly basis.

The whole place is full of insect-roaches, drunk, football fans, denizens of the doldrums and the Imeesters singing bad karaoke
and shouting and bawling a sparkle of brilliance in tannoid-crudence smashed-glass.

[[Future in Drekka]]
You have none, you live a short brutal life attached to a 24.hour.COBRA.sentry system known as the Mardekka which monitors and
covers your every action on GPS 24/7.

It also phones you to masturbate to hardcore-porn more times than I care to remember – sometimes, it’ll throw drugs and drink in the mix.

The city of Rennie Mackintosh.

Architecture is pleasant to the eye if you’re a gargoyle on Punkery heroin – Victorian Gothic, Roman, outdated buildings, roads in disrepair, ugly-hideous colours, dirty areas, streets unclean, the people often manky as well – litter and litter bins never emptied.

Tampons and nappies everywhere as well as cigarette stubs.

There’s light-posts upside down, cones lying around everywhere, cheap street signs, uneven paving.

The citizens say “Glasgow Smiles Better”.

Oh, and the closes are painted like Fred West spent his training in Leverndale-Meadow learning how to paint with a machete.



A.I. == Virtual-Augmented-Unreality operating on kernal-specific instructions to a wireless vaccine-suit


Punishment to follow. . .

Time-in-Drekka: 30 years, 12 months

Outlook: Consciously-designed-concentrative-meditation-camp[LEVERNDALE-BELLEVIEW]-open-air-mortuary-sporting-Gallowgates-procedures



Optic-Nerve: human voyage discovery tract



V A L K Y R E : P R O F I L U S

3D-Printer: ON
Quarantine: ON
Origin-Amount: 12 civilisations
Project-Runtime: 5000qq
Gaia-Saturn-Effect: 400qq
Elite: Replicants
Population: Replicants(Chipset-Vaccine)=>(3D-Printer)
Offset-Replicant: Vaccine-Purchase (Chipset-Replicant)
Matrix-Age: 200 years (Gregorian)
Nature: Freelance-Hedonstyle (fragrant)
Materialus: 100%
Wealth: Maximum


All replicants are ‘Valkyres’. ALL.

100% non-human.

A creational project offset ‘Creation’ on replica for the purpose of means testing all negativity and evil in the one batch-hammer.

A what if. . .?

Supposing. . .

Leave it to community chest or roll the dice and put it in play.

Β¬[offset:Creation] is Star Wars on steroids – a means tests for all things all.

Supposing the planets went to war or the Son of God was in the crosshairs marked for death and the takings of each planet was up for grabs. . .

Enter the Saturn-Effect and the Abraxus-XIII.

Lucifer the firestarter.

Over to you, Drake.

-Fox McCloud